Creative use of Photography and Typography

By Sheri Robison

Wellness Lounge Magazine article Spring 2020

Photographer Marsha Mood and Shawna Canale

Featured In Wellness Lounge Magazine

Rule of Thirds Professional pictures

In this professional photograph the rule of thirds is marked in red. Picture one after marking the thirds with the framed edges the middle is left open. In the second picture, the pathway marks the verticle thirds and the horizontal thirds are the cement edging and the top of the fountain.

Leading Lines

The leading lines in these professional photos are marked in orange. The first picture uses the tiles and follow the lines with the pots. These lines are diaganal and make your eye look to the center. They have also used the plants to frame the photo, leaving the center open.

Depth of Field and Typography

In the first professional photo the depth of field is marked in yellow. I like how the photographer uses the angles and we are looking down and back. The plants in the front are focused and toward the shed it is out of focus just a touch. This give you the feeling that you are looking front to back. The second photo, they use the opposite effect. the plants in the front are out of focus and as you look down the path and beyond you see things getting farther away. They also have the fountain toward the back and then do a close up shot of the fountain.


The heading is San serif because there are no fancies on the ends which are called serifs. This is a plain style font. I like how they were consistant with the green color in the title, heading, and the drop cap. Then they used a contrasting Serif font for the heading. I don’t think this is a very good contrast. My second Magazine article has a better contrasting font.

Better Homes and Garden

Leafing out by Michael Connors Photos by William Wright August 2020

I’m an old-school beautician and couldn’t help but look through the magazines that I had in my hair salon. This one was so close to the online one I had picked also, that I had to show them both.

With this magazine article that I chose, I loved the colorful modern font of the “Home” and the Script font on “Garden”. The title “Leafing out” was done with a slab serif font. I know this because of the cute knobs on serifs. The heading is sans serif, because there are no fancies on the ends and they are plain. I also love the Modern drop cap at the beginning of the article.

Rule of thirds and Leading lines and Contrast

In my picture, It is clear that the rule of thirds has been used as well as the natural line of the pathway. I love the contrast between the pink flowers and the bright green leaves behind. Both magazine articles show the natural line of a cement pathway which was a great inspiration for my photography.

Contrast, Framing, and the Rule of Thirds

The contrast is very strong between the red chairs, the green plants, tan flagstone, and tree trunks. I used the depth of field by focusing on the Hosta plant up close, then on the red chairs, and then in the distance the green grass. I framed the red chairs, which are the focus with the tree trunk on the left, the Hosta in front, and the brown pot with another Hosta on the right. In both magazine articles as well as my pictures there is a pop of red. This is why any one of my pictures could be used in place of the magazine article pictures and work very well.

Symetry & Patterns

In the original two magazine pictures, they used a fountain, big rock, or Patio as a point of interest. I used this wind twirler. It has so much texture and color contrast. I also focused on its close-up features. There is red in the wind twirler and it matches the red in the background with the chairs. This picture ties in with the originals by the use of a focal point and garden theme. This picture also uses the rule of thirds. I love the patterns in the rock patio as well as the lines in the wind twirler.


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